The Melty Way

I finally made it to the Melty Way, which is a grilled cheese sandwich place. My brother Steven and I noticed it one day and were very intrigued. Nothing seems to last very long in the location that it occupies, especially if we like it! New York Subs is one example. We immediately decided we had to go and try it soon, which turned out to be about a year. Well we finally made it today and to our surprise, it was still there and also very busy! We didn’t remember the name of it and for a split second thought that it had bit the dust (again). I guess we thought it was called something like All Grilled Cheese All the Time or something. Anyway, we went in and noticed there were many items on the menu, but they all had to do with cheese being grilled. Being grilled cheese purists we each ordered the “Classic” which was delicious and also enormous! I think including the thick bread it was about 3 inches high. Steve had ordered Tomato Basil Soup with his sandwich and that was also delicious. We were just finishing up when a man had a sauce mishap (you can get a variety of sauces to dunk your sandwich in, but, as you know, we are grilled cheese purists) and splashed sauce all over Steven. At first he didn’t know why this man was apologizing profusely, thinking that he had somehow spilled his soup. The young man also blotted some of the sauce off Steven’s shirt where he couldn’t reach. A few seconds later, after the young man had left, a very nice lady came up and pointed out where there was still a sauce mess and proceeded to clean him up some more. All in all it was a fun experience, the sandwich was great, but I don’t think I want to eat anything for a few days. I ate the whole thing!